Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha National Park is a small but picturesque national park located in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) northwest of Nairobi. Unlike traditional national parks, Lake Naivasha National Park is primarily focused on conserving the lake and its surrounding wetlands rather than specific land areas. The park encompasses a significant portion of Lake Naivasha, which is a freshwater lake known for its scenic beauty and diverse wildlife.

Lake Naivasha National Park is a popular destination for day trips or as a stopover during a safari in the Rift Valley. Its tranquil lake, abundant birdlife, and opportunities for boating, hiking, and nature walks make it an attractive choice for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Key Features and Attractions of Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha

The park is centered on Lake Naivasha, which is one of the few freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley. The lake is famous for its tranquil waters, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and fringed with papyrus reeds. It serves as a vital habitat for a wide variety of bird species, including African fish eagles, herons, pelicans, cormorants, and kingfishers. Lake Naivasha is also home to a population of hippos, which can often be seen basking in the shallows.


Although Lake Naivasha National Park is not known for its large land-dwelling wildlife, it still supports a diverse range of animal species. Visitors can spot giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, impalas, gazelles, and other herbivores grazing on the park’s grassy shores. Additionally, the park is a haven for birdwatchers, attracting a multitude of resident and migratory bird species due to its wetland habitats.

Crescent Island

Located on Lake Naivasha, Crescent Island is a unique feature of the national park. It is a private sanctuary accessible by boat, offering guided walks amidst herds of zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles, and other wildlife. The island provides an up-close encounter with animals in their natural habitat.

Boat Safaris

Lake Naivasha is ideal for boat safaris, allowing visitors to explore the lake’s shores, bird colonies, and wildlife from a different perspective. Boat trips provide excellent opportunities for birdwatching, spotting hippos, and enjoying the serene beauty of the lake.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Lake Naivasha National Park offers various hiking and nature trails, allowing visitors to explore the park’s diverse ecosystems and enjoy the scenic landscapes. Guided walks along the lake’s shores provide an opportunity to appreciate the birdlife and observe smaller wildlife species up close.

Environmental Conservation

The park is actively involved in environmental conservation efforts, particularly in protecting Lake Naivasha’s delicate ecosystem. The conservation initiatives focus on preserving the lake’s water quality, maintaining the wetland habitats, and protecting the wildlife and bird species that depend on the lake’s resources.